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Is Vantana going into the tray business? We have both cardboard and plastic
trays. We primarily use the plastic 20 slide trays with clear flip covers.
They allow us to easily sort and stack the slides for various projects. They
are expensive, but are cleaner than the cardboard trays and last longer. The
cardboard trays which also hold 20 slides and have flip covers are great for
temporary storage of any slides which you want to keep away from light, but
we find they are more easily damaged and torn. At a previous job I used a
lot of double wide slides so we had cardboard trays made to our own
specifications by an area box company. The die to cut the cardboard was
somewhat expensive, but the trays were very inexpensive since they did not
have any covers. They were also great to use for projects from outside the
lab where you knew that it was doubtful that the trays would be returned. In
summary I think there is a place for both types of trays, but I prefer the
white plastic trays with clear plastic covers.

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Hi Netters,

Would you please be willing to give me some feedback?

What is your lab preference in using cardboard vs
plastic trays and why or why not?

Examples: cost? durability? ease of use? etc?

Scott Taft/Ventana Medical Systems/Tucson AZ

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