From:John Baker <>

Hello Histonetters,
One of our post-docs has questions regarding sectioning of mouse 
bodies embedded in PMMA.
I appreciate your efforts in resolving these issues for our project.
With any luck, this should help us out.

1.  When using calcien staining to assess new bone
growth of newborn mice, does thin sectioning (10
micron) of PMMA have additional benefit over thicker
polished ones (300 micron)? The spine is the area of
main interest.

2.  Is there any particular hazards or pitfalls
relative to the above method of staining when making
thin sections?

3.  Are there any nice tricks to keeping 10 micron sections
  of PMMA  from crimping or folding over on themselves, thus
  making interpretation more difficult?

4. I know that it is difficult to adhere thin sections of  PMMA
to slides.  Does anyone know any special techniques for doing so
Thin sections if taken will be made using a Polycut-E microtome
  using a tc knife.

Thanks,  Ryan
Thanks for you help in answering these questions.

John A. Baker
The University of Michigan
Orthopaedic Research Laboratories
Histology Unit
400 North Ingalls, G160
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0486
Main lab of

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