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Hi Frances,

I have a Shandon Knife sharpener that does the job for me, and have used
Dorn and Hart to do my reconditioning for really damaged knives (inherited
a bunch of thes  AND once reconditioned, I only have to sharpen. The edges
are maintained for years with the Shandon plus I can do all profile steel
knives, including D profile Tungsten carbide. The sharpener has paid for
itself many times over, a good investment for the perfect knife edge if you
need to use c profile steel knives, etc. 

Hmmm good endorsement today!

At 11:20 AM 8/2/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Gayle, If someone just has to dispose of a microtome knife, heaven
>forbid, a scrap metal yard loves to get them.  As far as sharpening is
>concerned there is also a place in South Jordan Utah that reconditions and
>resharpens knives.  Frances Swain
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>Quick couple of questions for you all.  I've got a Hacker brite cryostat
>that was left unplugged for 4 months prior to it being moved.  Since the
>move, the temperature on the cooling block fluxuates quite a bit (from -40
>to -20)...any idea what this may 
>**You need to check out the instrument, call Hacker, they are usually
>looking in and provide help.  As for the cooling block, where the chucks
>are stored or under a rapid freezing area?  You may need maintenance on
>cooling system.
>Secondly, I've got a bunch of knives from this cryostat that are in fairly
>bad shape...a few nicks and some have rust spots.  I don't need them
>because our old tech just bought new knives.  So, what do I do with them? 
>**Knives will last for many with regular sharpening/reconditioning and good
>storage technics. You can send them to Sturkey knives for reconditioning
>and continue to use them.  Don't throw them away!    Knives are pricey
>items these days.  Also, when you take a knife out of cryostat, make sure
>it is dry before storage (bring to room temperature in its storage box with
>lid open then coat knife with a light film of cryostat or other microtome
>oil, rust is not friendly to knife edges.  
>Taking good care of your knives is a lifeline, without good care and
>sharpening, your frozen sections will suffer. If they huge, nasty nicks,
>time for reconditioning.
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