You could try DAKO's polyclonal CD3.  I use it successfully on dog, cat,
pig, horse, cow, etc. on a regular basis.  DAKO reps probably could tell you
definitively if it can be used on mouse as well.  I use it at a 1:50
dilution for 45 minutes incubation, with microwave pretreatment (2 x 5
minutes in citrate buffer; 20 minutes cooldown at room temp).

Jan Shivers
Univ of Minn Vet Diag Lab

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Subject: antibody for T Cells on mouse tissues

> Hi,
> I am looking for an antibody for T cells that would work on fromalin fixed
> paraffin embedded sections of mouse tissue. I would like a CD3 antibody.
> Does anyone have one they suggest?
> Thanks
> Jennifer Harvey
> University of Rochester


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