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Quick couple of questions for you all.  I've got a Hacker brite cryostat
that was left unplugged for 4 months prior to it being moved.  Since the
move, the temperature on the cooling block fluxuates quite a bit (from -40
to -20)...any idea what this may 

**You need to check out the instrument, call Hacker, they are usually
looking in and provide help.  As for the cooling block, where the chucks
are stored or under a rapid freezing area?  You may need maintenance on
cooling system.

Secondly, I've got a bunch of knives from this cryostat that are in fairly
bad shape...a few nicks and some have rust spots.  I don't need them
because our old tech just bought new knives.  So, what do I do with them? 

**Knives will last for many with regular sharpening/reconditioning and good
storage technics. You can send them to Sturkey knives for reconditioning
and continue to use them.  Don't throw them away!    Knives are pricey
items these days.  Also, when you take a knife out of cryostat, make sure
it is dry before storage (bring to room temperature in its storage box with
lid open then coat knife with a light film of cryostat or other microtome
oil, rust is not friendly to knife edges.  

Taking good care of your knives is a lifeline, without good care and
sharpening, your frozen sections will suffer. If they huge, nasty nicks,
time for reconditioning.


Gayle Callis
Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology
Montana State University - Bozeman

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