HTC Handbook

From:Cathy Mayton <>

Fellow HTC members and Histonetters,

I have been asked by Linda Jenkins who is searching for an editor, to give 
an updated table of contents for the HTC Handbook.  It has been awhile 
since it was published last.  Many of you have asked to either edit a 
chapter or to take lead on a certain portion of a chapter.  If you are 
interested in  adding your name on as editor or portion there-of, please 
contact me.  I will email the table of contents to you for your perusual 
and input.

Please understand that this book will be a part of every one of the HTC 
members.  Everyone who wants to participate in the book will be encouraged 
to send their protocol to the section/chapter editor.   So if you are 
currently interested in the current table of contents please send me an 
email and I will send you the table of contents which is a Word document.

Once we have a publisher, then formatting of the documents to be sent to 
the editor will be published.  This will make it easier for everyone 
involved.  I realize we have been talking about this book for 2 years now, 
but good things come in time.  This will be a great asset to all who 
processs tissues in their labs and will help jumpstart "newbies".

I would like to get the updated table of contents to Linda by mid-next 
week.  Not that names can't be added later.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!
Best regards,

GLP Compliant Laboratory

Cathy A. Mayton
Project Director
Wasatch Histo Consultants, Inc.

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