Gomori's one step trichrome

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Lillie gives "Gomori's trichrome stain" as:
Stain nuclei 5 mins with alum haematoxylin
Wash in water
Stain 5-20 mins in
	Chromotrope 2R		0.6g
	Fast green FCF		0.3g
	Phospotungstic acid	0.6g
	Glacial acetic acid	1.0ml
	Distilled water		100ml
Rinse in 0.2% acetic acid

Good luck!


>Hi all ,
>I am looking for the constituents of Gomoris one step Trichrome,is it
>comparable to the Masson Trichrome Technique?
>Thanks in advance
>Ian Clarke
>Craigavon Area Hospital

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