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From:"Johnson, Theresa" <TJJ@Stowers-Institute.org>

Currently it's distributed through Primm Labs, Inc., Cambridge, MA (800)

The company that manufactures it is INTAVIS Bioanalytical Instruments AG,
internet address http://www.intavis.com

I'm also interested in any alternate instrumentation that might also be used
in this capacity (whole mount embryo ISH).

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Tell us more about the system, is there a website, etc. to look into.  

At 10:25 AM 8/13/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone out there in histoland currently use the InSitu Pro system for
>whole mount embryos?  Our facility is interested in automating the in situ
>hybridization here and have had mixed reviews about this system.
>Thank you in advance for any input you can give.
>Teri Johnson
>Lab Manager, Histology
>Stowers Institute of Medical Research
>Kansas City, Missouri
Gayle Callis
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Veterinary Molecular Biology
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