Hi,      We are processing mouse testis that have been fixed in Bouin's
(overnight fixation) into paraffin. The morphology looks very nice. The
seminiferous tubules maintain their integrity. The interstitial spaces
though  are very loose or not compact (the cells are fine just lots of
empty space  between tubules.      We were trying to move away from Bouins
for immunos. So we have recently  fixed some testis in 4%
paraformaldehyde/PBS (overnight). Now the  interstitial space maintains it
integrity, very tight no empty spaces, but  now the seminiferous tubules
are odd. They did not maintain their layers as  they did in the Bouins.
(Almost like the germ cells pulled away from the  Sertoli cells/ basement
mb. All the germ cells are there just pulled slightly  into the center of
the tubule. I hope this makes sense.  Is this characteristic with this
tissue or should  we be doing something different.  Th

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