Derm/Path Data Entry software

I have a derm/path histology laboratory.  Over the years I've struggled with 
custom designed data entry systems for the lab.  This is a privately owned 
lab which processes skin bx's for dermatologists.  There is no reports 
(diagnosis) generated from the lab, only the finished microscope slide with 
the prepared tissue on it.  The slide goes back to the physician for 
diagnosis.  I need a heavy data entry program which will allow me to daily 
input patient/specimen information, print microscope slide labels, retrieve 
information for special orders (such as recuts, levels, special stains; et.) 
and accumulate information per client on a monthly basis for billing 
purposes.  Does anyone know of a software program that can handle my needs?  
Thank you.  Paula C. Huffman

Please send info to:
Paula C. Huffman
Medco Service Corporation
28835 N. Herky Dr. Ste1

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