A couple more questions about LFB

From:Rachel Munshower <rachelm@anatomy.iupui.edu>

Ok, I'm gearing up to start round 3 next week. . .

I've noticed that I waste a TON of ethanol when doing the Luxol Fast Blue
stain.  Is it ok to keep and reuse?  For how many runs (and how many slides
each run)?   Usually, I do between 20 and 35 slides -- Avg. 1 run per week.
Can I reuse the 70% if I go back and forth b/t the ethanol and lithium
carbonate, or will they both get saturated?  Also, I plan to use different
100% than I do for everything else because it keeps turning blueish purple.
When will I know it's time to pitch it and start over?

Also, on a side not:  our oven is a bit old.  Last time I used it @59C it
was at constant temp for 24 hours.  This time, it was up to 67C when I came
in in the morning.  Is that a horrible thing?


Rachel Munshower
IU School of Medicine
Dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology
635 Barnhill Dr. MedSci

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