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From:Christine Lee <c.lee@mailbox.uq.edu.au>
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Hello everyone,
I'm about to start some work on Titanium/bone implants (associated whith
bone conduction hearing aids) that have been removed from a dogs head and I
would be very grateful for some help with the following questions.
1. the reference paper I am working from uses Technovit 7200 but I've only
heard of Technovit 7100, What is the difference?.

2.If the 7200 resin is not available here would the 7100 work. i intend to
embed undecalcified bone?.

3.What are the chemicals in the harder and catalyst?.

4. What is the best way to embed undecalcified bone?, and  how do you know
when it is finished infiltrating.

As anyone can see I'm very, very green at this and will be most
appreiciative of any help,even the most basic tips.

Christine Lee,
Veterinary Pathology,
University of Queensland.    

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