tissue sections not consistent...

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From:Kari Zajic <histo2000@yahoo.com>
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<P>Hi all, I am in need of your professional opinions! Several of our GI biopsy sections have been beautiful in the middle and very pale/fuzzy on the edges. Now I have tried changing all the reagents,filtering the hematoxylin and making sure clean paraffin was used but to no avail. I am wondering if maybe the oven temperature may be a factor, maybe it's too hot? Has anyone else experienced this problem? It seems as if the edges of the tissue are not taking up the hematoxylin at all. Could they be getting "cooked"? I would appreciate any/all help you may have!! Thanks!</P> <P>                                                                                                                                              </P><p><br><hr size=1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br> <a href="http://mail.yahoo.com/">Yahoo! Mail</a> - Free email you can access from anywhere!
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