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From:Marcia Bentz <mb7x@virginia.edu>
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Hello histonetters,
Life is urging me to move onward and my choice is the Greater Seattle area,
but I would also consider Oregon, maybe Montana and Wyoming. I'm not
certified HT or HTL, but would be eligible, though I'm not looking for a
clinical position. I am self taught (school of hard knocks) with a special
talent for IHC. Because my experience is limited to a University research
arena, I also can do a wide variety of things other than histology and
light microscopy. I take pictures, and set up layout for publications,
which I also contribute to writing. I've contributed significantly to
developing new techniques and experimental protocols using both human and
animal tissues. I've also done all aspects of tissue fixing, processing and
cutting, both paraffin and frozen. Then there's tissue culture, in vivo and
in vitro experiments, gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. So if anyone
out there know's of any biotech companies or other research facilities in
those areas, please email me at marci@pookat.com with details and I will be
happy to provide a copy of my CV and references. A company that would offer
relocation expenses would be given top priority, as it's REALLY expensive
to move cross country.(I'm in Virginia)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Marcia Bentz
Marcia Bentz
Lab Specialist Sr
University of Virginia

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