bone in plastic

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From:Linda Jenkins <>
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Dear Trisha,
	There are more recipes - OOPS - I mean procedures for
methylmethacrylate than Carter has liver pills!  Of course, everyone has
their favorite.  The methacrylate procedure can be made as a washed
solution involving a sepratory funnel where the inhibitor (hydroquinone) is
washed away.  Another procedure overwhelms the inhibitor by using excess
amounts of either Benzol Peroxide or Perkodox 16.  And another procedure
adds methacrylate beads to a liquid monomer.  There are also commercially
available kits.  Unfortunately, none of these are without their own "mess".
Which procedure is she currently using?  As for base molds, people use
everything from glass baby food jars to Tupperware containers.  Be careful
with the plastic containers as some will melt.  Can also use
"peel-away-molds" made by the EM companies.
	I use a light curing monomer called Technovit 7200 - sold by Exakt
Technologies - 1-800-866-7172.
	If you can be a little more specific perhaps I can help,
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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