Resisting comment on losing job message, I lost!

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From:Gayle Callis <>
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I tried and lost the battle of biting my tongue and resisting comment here

Loss of a job may enter the (Gasp! Sorry!) I quote "sucks" category, but I
never thought that science or biological science fit into this niche.
Myself and tons of others would not be doing what we do, with excitement, a
sense of fun, the continuous challenge of learning for the sake of healing
(clinical) or solving scientific questions in related biological fields

Sorry to disagree, but this message hurt my scientific sensibilities and
certainly is no vote of confidence for those just entering their
biological/scientific careers, particularly in the field of histotechology.


>"Dr. Ian Montgomery." wrote:
>>  Noreen,
>> Although it must be really devastating losing your job under such
>> circumstances there is a bright side, this might be your chance for a
>> career change. Remember, science and particularly biological science,
>> sucks.
>> Ian.
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