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From:Nicola Falconer <>
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If the antibody is nuclear, the haematoxylin will not stain the nucleus. At
least that's what happens with mine. are the non immunostained nuclei taking
up the haematoxylin? What Ab is giving the problem, maybe some will know if
it's nuuclear or cytoplasmic, or both.


John Auld

Royal Free Hospital

>  Date: 15 Aug 2000 09:11:29 -0500
>From: Garry Ashton <>
>Subject: immunostainig

>Dear all,
>Has anybody out there had any experience of a haematoxylin counterstain
>being prevented from working, after immunostaining with an antibody. The
>researcher presenting the problem doesn't know whether the Ab is nuclear or
>cytoplasmic marker.
>It cannot be fixation or necrotic tissue causing the problem as the
>controls apparently stain fine as does her staining with other antibodies.
>Any suggestions are welcome.

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