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From:Amos Brooks <>
To:"Nails, Felton L." <>
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    In my experience (limited as it is, regarding AP systems) Copath has
the best I've worked with. I'd say more but I am new to it. I have been
it only for a couple of months. I really like the windows like format.
It is
easily customizable and simple to learn.
Amos Brooks

"Nails, Felton L." wrote:

> I would like to hear any comments from labs using the copath system. Pros
> and cons
> We currently are using the Sunquest system which will no longer be
> supporting AP, therefore we will be switching to copath .
> Felton L. Nails
> Anatomical Pathology Manager
> Texas Children's Hosp.
> 713-770-1248
> Note changes Effective Sept. 30th
> Main Hospital: 832-824-1000
> Phone: 832-824-1248
> Fax: 832-825-1032

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