Re: processor artifacts in tissue

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Thanks for the feedback on my nuclear ghosting problem. We have determined 
that the problem is in the tissue processor (we sent blocks to another 
hospital for processing and had no microscopic problems). The TP1050 that we 
are using is the second one placed in our lab by Leica, the first one had the 
same problems. Our pathologists have decided to send the TP1050 back and demo 
a Shandon Pathcenter.

I would also like to state for the record that I have a Leica Autostainer, 
Microtome, and Cryostat that I have had no problems with and that are a real 
asset to  our department. The sales and service staff at Leica have been 
wonderful in trying to help with the processor problems. 

Again, thanks for the input.

Carolyn Jones
Emory Cartersville Medical Center
Cartersville, GA

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