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Dear LeRoy:
You are going to have to check your state requirements on this topic. Of 
course the regular stuff can't go down the drain. At one hospital I could put 
Harris Hemo down the drain at another hospital , same state I couldn't. Now 
working for the government we have very strick rules almost nothing can go 
down the drain, we use Mayer's Hemo so that can go down the drain, but our 
Alc anything above 50% can't do down the drain, we are only allowed 2,000 ml 
of NBF 10% to go down the drain in oneday.
They are very strick and we are checked at different times on this , we even 
have to keep a log book on what we put down the drain. So a lot of this 
depends on your state and your location and work place.
I hope someone else on histonet has a more direct answere to your question.
Take care
Sandi Miller HT

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