Re: Toluidine blue stain for undecalified bone (MMA)

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Diane Sterchi's toluidine blue method, in Journal of Histotechnology, with
Eurell and Sterchi as authors.  

Eurell JC and Sterchi DL, Microwaveable Toluidine Blue stain for surface
staining of undecalcified bone sections  JOH 17(4):357-363.  

This can be used for both microtomed and surface staining, timing
adjustments can be done for thickness, and type of bone. 

The MW is used to heat the stain, and sections should not be microwaved
directly, warps the plastic.  

It can be used with Basic Fuchsin, MacNeals Tetrachrome (homemade, not
commercial preparation) with spectacular results.   

At 06:12 PM 8/24/00 +0000, you wrote:
>I am looking for a procedure for T blue stain at pH of 8 for undecalcified 
>bone in MMA.  These are thin sections (5 microns).  I tried the procedure in 
>Sheehan's Histotechnology book but used a phospate buffer to reach the pH. 
>This caused a problem with what I think was precipitate on the slide.  Any 
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