Re: Montana wildfires, not histo related

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From:Connie McManus <>
To:Gayle Callis <>
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I enjoyed reading your account of the wildfires.  It is scarier (yet at the
same time fascinating) than anything I've ever seen.  We had some here in Logan
a few weeks back.  One started on the hills just up the street from where I
work.  Luckily the wind blew the fire away from the homes, but unluckily it
went into the forest and created the dense smoke and ash thing.  This one was
started by a hawk that lit on a power line and got sizzled.  It's barbequed
bodied lit all that dry brush on fire and that was that.

Two nights or so after that one started up, another one lit up the canyon just
up the street from where I live.  This one was deliberately set by some kids,
who can figure out why.

While it was interesting to watch the planes and helicopters drop water and
fire retardant and to see the flames at night, I was very VERY thankful the
winds carried it away from the valley.  I can't imagine what you folks in
Montana and Arizona must be going through.  Y' all are in  my  thoughts and

Connie McManus
who is lucky not to be burning up in Cache Valley Utah

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