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Louise Taylor's like:

>>I want to ask a REALLY DUMB question: How does one accurately measure out 
Tween 20<<

I'm amazed at the variety and ingenuity of the answers that have already come 

There's one kind of dumb question - the one that's not asked! Homely details 
of laboratory practice like this make or break experiments - and, even more 
important, often are worth more for laboratory safety than all the MSDS's and 
Right-to-Know Stations the Herrn Inschpektors beam at.

I remember who taught me how to hold an ordinary glass pipette - how to grip 
a pair of scissors to avoid fatigue during a lengthy dissection - and one or 
two who tried to teach me how to tie a surgical knot (maybe that's why I'm a 

On a different topic, I quite missed Bruce Castleman's book, and am grateful 
to John Kiernan for resurrecting his shade.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN
and gladly wold he lerne, and gladly teche (Chaucer)

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