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From:Amos Brooks <>
To:Louise Taylor <>
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    I have found the best way to measure it out is to use a disposable
graduated test tube, like the one in the DAKO DAB kits. There will of course
be "goop" left in the tube, just rinse it out with the distilled water you
are filling the buffer container with.
Amos Brooks

Louise Taylor wrote:

> Hello histonetters
> I want to ask a REALLY DUMB question: How does one accurately measure out
> Tween 20 ( pipette, measuring cylinder)? It is so  viscous that I always
> doubt that i have washed out/expelled the correct amount.
> Thanks
> louise taylor
> Research Laboratory
> Department of Anatomical Pathology
> South African Institute for Medical Research
> Johannesburg
> South Africa

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