Re: Label Printers

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Dear Victor:
You have to feed the information into this printer one at a time, it works 
somewhat fast but not fast enough for hospital work load, this is my opinion, 
but I really do like this label printer. I don't know if it interferes with 
AP Lis system, because I don't know what that is, we do have it installed on 
our computer at work.
Maybe DAKO has a web site and you can find out more information and see a 
picture of the unit.
This unit I think is more for research because you type in the Assession 
number, the block number, Protocol number, type of stain.
I feel it would take way too long if I have to try to type person's name on 
the label.
I hope this answered your question.
Take Care
Sandi Miller HT

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