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From:Patricia E Quattrone <>,

Hi John,
Our LIS is WinSurge from Computer Trust Corp in Boston, Mass.  We have
had it for over five years and have been very happy with it.  It is
Windows based and a stand alone system.  The accession screens for
histology and cytology were customized to meet our needs.  We order
labels and the labels are printed  with the number as well as the
patient's name.  The reports are electronically signed and automatically
faxed.  It automatically calculates follow-up dates for abnormal
cytologies. Using customized  queries result in  worksheets for the
pathology secretary as well as worksheets for the cutting. QC reports,
various case registries, work load stats ie: blocks, slides cut, special
stains etc. If you would like further information contact me via e-mail
or fax 716-375-6377 Good luck in your search

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000 12:32:58 -0500 John Ryan <> writes:
> We are in the process of selecting a new LIS and requesting RFPs from 
> vendors.  If anyone has recently installed a new LIS system with 
> Anatomic Pathology, either integrated or stand-alone, I would be 
> interested in your thoughts on the selection process.  Especially 
> what worked and what did not work in Anatomic Pathology.  
> Thanks for your input,
> John
> email 
> 713-791-2643

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