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They  are going to pay the girl who worked in the lab with me more money to
do the job.   She had  asked for $2.00 an hour more and since she was with
the company in another capacity for 10 years prior to leaving 6 months
before I was hired, I think her old boss had something to do with this.
She's only 3 years younger than me and she hadn't worked with paraffin (she
was a Moh's tech) or IHC for more than 10 years before coming to work with
me.  I've already contacted an attorney, but I  understand this is the kind
of thing that's typical.  No negotiation, no discussion, just came back from
vacation and bam, you're out.
So much for private industry and job security.

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> Does this mean they are hiring someone with less experience and younger to
> be in your position, in other words, they don't need a supervisor and they
> want to pay someone less - isn't this grounds for some type of job and age
> discrimination. Were they just looking for an excuse as I think they could
> have negotiated with you, and IF you were willing, work at less pay per
> hour, have a job, and not be a supervisor.  What kind of compliance is
> anyway, sounds fishy to me!  If that is the case, maybe you are better of
> NOT working for them!  Wonder if they advertise in ADvance magazine for a
> new qualified histotech??  Shame!
> What do you do when you go out to find another job, lie about having a
> supervisor's license or never mention it on your application, and take
> in order to put bread on the table?
> Knew a fellow with a wife in med school that could not mention having a
> in plant pathology on job applications in order to just GET a job with a
> tree surgeon in Seattle. Seems education was working against him, he
> to work at anything, they were afraid of his degree.  He eventually opened
> up a lawn service business and is probably a millionaire by now and bought
> out the tree surgeon.  Poetic justice!
> Good luck on finding a job.  Hope it pays well though!

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