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From:Roger Moretz <>
To:"Su, Phy-Huynh" <>, 'Histonet' <>
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I can't provide contact numbers, because I don't know
what area you are in.  The internet is a good place to
do a search for vendors.  
As for equipment:  for the microscope, it depends what
you want.  Leica makes a very nice low end (about
$20K)instrument that compares well in terms of image
quality, etc, to all of the others (Nikon is poorer,
Olympus is about the same).  Construction of the Leica
is sturdier than the Olympus.  Don't know about Zeiss.
 We are using the Fuji HCZ-300 camera, which is more
than adequate for our needs.  There are other, higher
res cameras (for a LOT more $$).  The caveat for the
higher res cameras is that you(unless things have
changed) cannot focus in real time, other than at low
res b&w.  The Fuji is decent res, is a real time 3
color camera that gives excellent resolution, color
fidelity and is reasonably priced.  Try a search on
microscopy using Yahoo or your favorite search engine,
and you will find a lot of vendors, and you can narrow
the search to your area.  Too bad you hadn't gotten to
the Microscopy Society of America meeting in Philly
this week--it's the biggest commercial exhibit for
microscopes and imaging systems in the US every year.

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
Dept of Toxicology
BI Pharmaceuticals.

**All of the usual disclaimers apply.
--- "Su, Phy-Huynh" <> wrote:
> Dear Histonets,
> Our reserach department is planning to buy a new
> microscope to use  for both
> fluorescence and light, coupled with good digital
> camera for fluorescence
> and light, and image analysis.  Our director only
> wants the best, and has
> till this Friday to get the quotes to write the
> grant to ask for the money.
> So far, ZEISS has given him a quote about $77K. 
> However, I have heard from
> a pathologist that she had a bad experience with
> ZEISS 4 years ago when
> buying her microscope, image analyzer, and suggested
> LEICA instead.
> Would anyone have any other recommendations?  Any
> other satisfied customers
> in this field?  Not only good instruments to start
> with, but excellent,
> timely services down the road.
> Please also provide contact numbers.
> Thanks a bunch.

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