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From:Mike Delorenzo <>
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Decal  Chemical company has an EDTA/Hydrochloric acid mix  called Decal-Stat  that decals rather quick and we have gotten great routine, special stains as well as immunostaining. Give them a call and they will send you a free trial sample. 

Decal Chemical Corporation
P.O. Box 236
Congers, New york  10920

Mike DeLorenzo
Surg. Path. Lab. Supv.
Section of Anatomic Pathology
Medical College of Gerogia
>>> Abizar Lakdawalla <> 08/22 1:07 PM >>>
EDTA (versene) based decal solutions work best for most immuno's. Downside: it's expensive and takes much more longer to decal.

Jennifer Englin wrote:

> Has anyone found a decal that works well with immuno's?
> We are currently using Stephens Scientific Decal- formic acid/formaldahyde/mathanol, and we are having trouble with our Kappa and Lambda.
> Any suggestions?
> Jennifer,
> Willmar MN

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