Re: IHC on cytology specimen

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From:Amos Brooks <>
To:Clarke Ian <>
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    I dont bother destaining the slides. Cytoplasmic staining will be
removed by
rehydration, and odds are that you are going to counter stain in
anyway so why bother removing it? The antigen binding sites are all
available in spite of the stains currently on the cells. You probably
could get
away without antigen retrieval too.
Amos Brooks

Clarke Ian wrote:

> Hi Amy,
>              We have done immuno's on Pap stained slides before and also use
> the Nexes.
> To destain ;
> Place slide in 1% acid alcohol for  3 minutes ( after you have removed the
> mounting media/coverslip  via Xylene/Alcohol and to water.)
> Rinse in water
> The cytology specimen does not need any pre-treatment as it hasn't been
> fixed in Formaldehyde, so it can be placed onto the Nexes.
> We sometimes use a Cytology fluid as control, if you haven't a fluid as
> control use the control slides as for Paraffin but these will require
> pre-treatment.
> We usually get good results for diagnosis by the above method.
>  Ian Clarke
> Histopathology/Cytology Department
> Craigavon Area Hospital NHS Trust
> UK
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> From: Amy Self <>
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> Date: 16 August 2000 20:48
> Subject: IHC on cytology specimen
> >
> > I have to do a chromogranin on a FNA parotid mass slide that has
> >already been PAP stained.  What is the best way to destain this slide?
> Also,
> >I am just learning immuno's and thank God my lab bought a Nexes from
> >ventana. Does anyone have any suggestions/procedure about this stain that
> >will help me out?  I have only done immuno's on paraffin sections and this
> >is the ONLY slide that we have on this case.  If anyone can help please
> >e-mail privately or call me at 843-527-7179.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >                 Amy
> >
> >

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