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Hi Amy,
             We have done immuno's on Pap stained slides before and also use
the Nexes.
To destain ;
Place slide in 1% acid alcohol for  3 minutes ( after you have removed the
mounting media/coverslip  via Xylene/Alcohol and to water.)
Rinse in water
The cytology specimen does not need any pre-treatment as it hasn't been
fixed in Formaldehyde, so it can be placed onto the Nexes.
We sometimes use a Cytology fluid as control, if you haven't a fluid as
control use the control slides as for Paraffin but these will require
We usually get good results for diagnosis by the above method.
 Ian Clarke
Histopathology/Cytology Department
Craigavon Area Hospital NHS Trust

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From: Amy Self <>
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Date: 16 August 2000 20:48
Subject: IHC on cytology specimen

> I have to do a chromogranin on a FNA parotid mass slide that has
>already been PAP stained.  What is the best way to destain this slide?
>I am just learning immuno's and thank God my lab bought a Nexes from
>ventana. Does anyone have any suggestions/procedure about this stain that
>will help me out?  I have only done immuno's on paraffin sections and this
>is the ONLY slide that we have on this case.  If anyone can help please
>e-mail privately or call me at 843-527-7179.
> Thanks,
>                 Amy

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