Re:IHC for Cytokeratin on Cytospins

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From:Kenneth Chapman <>
To:Dan <>, Dana Dittus <>, Amos Brooks <>, "" <>
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Hi Everyone,

First of all, let me thank you all for responding!  The antibody which I
have been given is from BD Biosciences (Becton Dickinson).

It is Anti-Cytokeratin (Clone:CAM 5.2) directed against Cytokeratin 7
and 8.

I will be running on the Ventana Automated IHC Stainer using the Basic
DAB detection kit.

The cells have not yet been fixed and will be stored in -20 until use.

The antibody is supplied as 25 ug/ml and is monoclonal.

Any help that you can give me as far as fixation, blocking, dilutions,
etc.  would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!!

Ken Chapman
Cell Morphology Core
University of Pennsylvania
Institute for Human Gene Therapy
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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