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Try Wards Scientific. Probably the best source for difficult to obtain slides. Contact Mary Georger, Manager for the Microscope Slide Dept. at, 

For an interesting article about this fascinating place (Wards), see the Fall '99 issue of Histo-Logic at Sakura's website, 


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>>> Steven Slap <> 08/21/00 12:18PM >>>
Hi HistoNetters

Can anyone help this person?  Please respond directly to, not to me.

Steven Slap

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From:	zuraidah zainal [] 
Sent:	Saturday, August 12, 2000 1:33 AM
Subject:	Request to Purchase hitological specimens

11th August 2000
Energy Beam Scientific Inc.
11 Boules Road

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir,

I am with a scientific company dealing with equipments
and reagents to medical laboratories. I would be very
grateful if you could tell me whether i could purchase
mounted specimens of helminth parasites in human
tissues etc.if it is not available with your company
could you inform me where i could purchase them 

Thank you and hope to hear again from you.

Yours Sincerely

Mdm. Zuraidah Zaiinal


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