Re: Breast Asp. Fluid

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From:Patricia E Quattrone <>

Our specimen collection protocol for cytology fluids is that they are
fixed with equal parts of specimen and 50% ETOH upon collection if the
specimen cannot be delivered to the Histology dept within 15minutes. We
fix our smears for at least 1/2 hour in 95% ETOH before staining. Also if
you hand stain be more gentle.  If automated be sure the rate-of-flow of
rinse water is not too forceful. Use of cytospin will help to concentrate
cells in a small area.  Just because the fluid is turbid doesn't mean
there are lots of cells - it just might be protein. Hope this helps
Pat Quattrone HT
Olean, NY

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000 17:33:37 -0400 Amy Self <> writes:
> 	Help!   Does anyone out there know of a procedure for breast 
> asp.
> fluids that will not take/wash off during staining.  It seems like 
> everytime
> I do a cytology on breast fluid there in nothing on the slide for 
> the
> Pathologist to read.  What am I doing wrong.   My fixative is 70% 
> alcohol
> and I use postive charged slides.  I spin the fluid down and pour 
> off the
> supernatent and use the button at the bottom for my cells and still 
> nothing.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about anything that I could do 
> different
> with these specimens??  Processing breast cyst fluids seems to be a 
> process
> for me!
> 					Thanks,
> 					      Amy

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