Re: Automatic Slide Stainer & Coversliper

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I would put my vote in for the Leica Stainer, you can put different programs in for different staining techniques needed, it had a oven to dry the slides at one point ,
I just like it , it was easy to use.You could add multi racks at different times and not have to wait for the one rack to  be completely stain as with the one I used at my new job. At my old job we had at least 250-350 blocks a day so we ran more then 300 slides a day and the Leica held up great.
As far as the coverslipper I only had experience with one the type that used a ribbon to which I had used for my board slides ,I looked back on my slides that were made 4 yrs ago and the slides are faded, ribbon is pulling away from the tissue. But I am sure like other things inprovements have been made on this type of coverslipper.
Take Care
Sandi Miller HT

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