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I know what you mean about the flash and over exposure.  We have a small,
high intensity lamp that I have used but I can clean up most of it after it
gets to the computer.  I also have a photo stand but do not use it.  Its
very cumbersome and the 4 large bulbs tend to dry the specimen.

I'm using an Acer dye sublimation printer for superb, photo quality prints.
We have included digital pics and/or prints with cases that we have sent out
for consult and received very favorable comments.

Tom Mc Nemar
Pathology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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> Sounds exactly like our experience. We have the same camera, Nikon Coolpix
> 950, excellent results. Agree about need for card reader. Store images on
> departmental network server, then archive to CD.
> We print on an HPDeskjet 890 or Epson Stylus 900. Use photocopier paper
> for draught prints, suitable for paths to mark blocks and margins on,
> photo quality paper for pictures to impress the natives.
> Another handy use is to take pictures of poorly labelled cards and
> specimens, or pots that have leaked, then send a copy back to the sender,
> along with usual grumbling memo.
> A question - We use the macro mode for closeup of gross specimens. I have
> to turn the flash off, to avoid over exposure. What I really need is some
> sort of lamp to illuminate the specimen - we rely on natural light from
> the window, which can cause shadows.
> Best wishes , Richard
> >>> "Tom T. McNemar" <> 08/28/00 02:42pm >>>
> We use a Nikon Coolpix 950 with excellent results. 

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