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From:Richard Pitman <>
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Sounds exactly like our experience. We have the same camera, Nikon Coolpix 950, excellent results. Agree about need for card reader. Store images on departmental network server, then archive to CD.

We print on an HPDeskjet 890 or Epson Stylus 900. Use photocopier paper for draught prints, suitable for paths to mark blocks and margins on, photo quality paper for pictures to impress the natives.

Another handy use is to take pictures of poorly labelled cards and specimens, or pots that have leaked, then send a copy back to the sender, along with usual grumbling memo.

A question - We use the macro mode for closeup of gross specimens. I have to turn the flash off, to avoid over exposure. What I really need is some sort of lamp to illuminate the specimen - we rely on natural light from the window, which can cause shadows.

Best wishes , Richard

>>> "Tom T. McNemar" <> 08/28/00 02:42pm >>>
We use a Nikon Coolpix 950 with excellent results. 

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