RE:freezing and sectioning Matrigel

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Emily - 

	I've never frozen the stuff, but I have worked with it for TEM and
it is *very* difficult to dehydrate - your investigator is going to have a
lot of ice crystals to deal with...probably why the morph is so bad. Have
you tried cryoprotecting the samples (with sucrose or something)? I don't
know if it would help, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try!

Good luck!

Tamara Howard

>I'm wondering if anyone out there has experience working with a substance
>called Matrigel?  An investigator here is trying to freeze blocks of this
>gel with cells in 24-well plates and is experiencing difficulties with
>morphology preservation (suprise!).  If you have worked with gel, I would
>love advice on freezing and/or cryopreservation techniques.
>Emily Ezernieks
>Genzyme Corp.

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