RE: c-kit (CD117), hCG, PR antibody search

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As far as the CD117 is concerned, we're having good luck with NeoMarkers
monoclonal cocktail.  We do retrieval with BioCare Medical's ReVeal buffer
in their DeCloaking Chamber(pressure cooker) for 2-2.5" before putting on
the Ventana instruments.  We have found it necessary to store our control
slides in the freezer or cut fresh...I will give you further ordering info
if you want it.  We use Ventana's PR(1A6) are relatively happy with it.  Our
protocol for PR involves retrieval in citrate buffer in the DeCloaking
Sally Ann Drew-MT(ASCP)
Univ. of Wis. Hospital and Clinics
IHC/ISH Clinical/Research Lab
Madison, WI 

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> Subject:	c-kit (CD117), hCG, PR antibody search
> Dear all,
> I am looking for antibodies for the following:
> 1.  c-kit (CD117)
> 2.  hCG
> 3.  Progesterone receptor (PR)
> There's quite a selection in the catalogues I have (Novacastra, DAKO,
> Santa
> Cruz), so would appreciate some info on what works best.  We are working
> on
> human gonad tissues that are Bouins fixed (this is similar to NBF fixing)
> before processing into paraffin wax. 
> Thanks in advance,
> tessa murray.
> .......................
> Tessa J. Murray
> Nutrition and Development Programme
> The Rowett Research Institute
> Bucksburn 
> Aberdeen AB21 9SB
> Tel: 01224 712751 x3267

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