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Hi Laurie:
	We work with the TBS slide labeler using slides other than the TBS
slides and are quite satisfied with them.  The trick we found was to use
color frosted slides rather than white frosted ones and to change the
diamond etching tip regularly, especially when using superfrost adhesive
slides.  I also found that if you immerse the whole slide during staining
the etched edges on the frost picks up some of the dye, which helps to make
the etching stand out more.  Hope this helps.

Judi Ford
Roche Bioscience
Palo Alto, CA

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> Subject:	TBS Slide Labeler
> We are going to be looking at a TBS slide labeler and the rep is telling
> us
> that we have to purchase special slides from TBS.  Does anyone use
> anything
> other than these TBS slides?  Will regular Colorfrost slides work?
> Laurie
> Saint Joseph Medical Center
> Burbank, CA

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