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From:Patricia Bourne <>
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Over my years in the business, I have found the

Needs fresh cuts:  Ki-67, CD30 (Ki-1), Myogenin, TDT,
Topoisomerase I, PCNA, CD4, ER*, CerB-2*

*These can be cut and held for a couple of weeks and
still perform well.

While most of these will hold for a week, we do not
chance having to repeat.  Requests for the above
antibodies do not happen everyday except the ER, and
CerB-2 so the above listed antibodies are are cut as
needed except the ER and CerB-2.  Our ER and CerB-2
are cut in batches but are used within a couple of

So far out of 130 antibodies these are the only ones
that give us problems.  We do not paraffin seal the
blocks.  My theory is that once we reface the block
the affected tissue (by oxidation) is taken off.

Hope this helps.   

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