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Mary Kay,
I have used the Dako Autostainer for close to three years.  Some days we
have ran it 3-4 times.  It is reliable, dependable and has been a work horse
for us. We get consistant results. Once you have all your reagents entered
into the software, setting up a program isn't too bad. Things to look out
for: it does use a lot of buffer,  a lot of hazardous waste is generated,
once you start a program, you have to wait until it is finished.  You cannot
add other slides during a program run. On the other hand, it does save on
antibody and detection system usage.  Depending on your size of the tissue,
you can apply 200 uL of reagent per slide, it is an open system, you can use
different detection systems, you can program the machine to fit your needs,
it does hold 48 slides.  Good luck

Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
Histology Supervisor
Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
San Antonio, Texas 

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> Subject:	IHC Automatic Stainers??
> Would be interested in comments both positive & negative from anyone 
> who has experience with Ventanna, Dako, or Biogenex automatic 
> stainers.  Quality consistent staining results, user friendly. easy 
> maintenance. I have seen all of them but didn't get adequate time to 
> evaluate them and get alot of hands on experience since I was swamped 
> with work while they were there. Looks pretty good when the salesman 
> set everything up. Right now we do ER/PR, Hercep,Keratin,LCA,S-
> 100,PSA, and a few others. Pathlogists want to add several more of 
> course??? Please send anything to me. I'm the only registered 
> histotech is this 500? bed hospital doing 15000 surgicals plus a year 
> and need some advice from sane people. Thanks ahead of time.
> Mary Kay Heath
> work #812 485-4012

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