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Hello Amy!!
Change the fixative, donīt use 70%alcohol, put in a coplin formol 40%, only
in the top, the steamer will fix the sample.
Good luck.

Maria, Dora y Sandra
Hospital de Pediatria Garrahan
Buenos Aires

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Subject: Breast Asp. Fluid

> Help!   Does anyone out there know of a procedure for breast asp.
> fluids that will not take/wash off during staining.  It seems like
> I do a cytology on breast fluid there in nothing on the slide for the
> Pathologist to read.  What am I doing wrong.   My fixative is 70% alcohol
> and I use postive charged slides.  I spin the fluid down and pour off the
> supernatent and use the button at the bottom for my cells and still
> Does anyone have any suggestions about anything that I could do different
> with these specimens??  Processing breast cyst fluids seems to be a
> for me!
> Thanks,
>       Amy

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