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On our fluids we make slides for Diff Quik as well as Pap staining.  Make
your smears and allow them to air dry.  Stain with the Diff Quik procedure,
or similiar stain.  We use 95% alcohol as our fixative for the Pap stain.
Perhaps the extra water in the 70% causes more loss of the cells. We do
experience more cell loss on the fixed smears.

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> From: 	Amy Self[]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, August 15, 2000 4:33 PM
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> Subject: 	Breast Asp. Fluid
> 	Help!   Does anyone out there know of a procedure for breast asp.
> fluids that will not take/wash off during staining.  It seems like
> everytime
> I do a cytology on breast fluid there in nothing on the slide for the
> Pathologist to read.  What am I doing wrong.   My fixative is 70% alcohol
> and I use postive charged slides.  I spin the fluid down and pour off the
> supernatent and use the button at the bottom for my cells and still
> nothing.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about anything that I could do different
> with these specimens??  Processing breast cyst fluids seems to be a
> process
> for me!
> 					Thanks,
> 					      Amy

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