Microtome Waste Bags

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I have been searching, without success, for microtome waste collection bags.  The ones I have say,

"Tissue-Tek II, 4658 Microtome Waste Collection Bag, Miles Scientific, Division of Miles Laboratories, Inc., Naperville, IL 60566."

Then under the Miles logo is the number 50961E R813.

I tried to look up Miles Scientific and was unable to find it.  Then I emailed Sakura because they appear to be the new makers of Tissue-Tek products.  They have not gotten back to me.

Does anyone know where to buy these bags so that I can restock my supply?  If so, my colleagues and I would greatly appreciate a post.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Kimberly Atkin - HT (ASCP)

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