Measuring Accurately

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From:Donna Harclerode <>
To:HistoNet Server <>
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Hi Louise,

I have read the other suggestions and have a small twist I have not seen
I cut the end off a 1000 ul tip, measure the Tween (or usually Triton in
my case), wipe the outside of tip and drop the whole thing, tip and all
into the solution. (If I am measuring less than 100 ul, I cut off a
smaller tip) I usually just leave the tip in the  buffer or whatever I
am making, but you could fish it out after the Tween was in solution.
This is something a Neuroscientist showed me years ago and it works

Donna Harclerode
Lead Scientist
Genset Corp
La Jolla, CA

> Date: 29 Aug 2000 06:57:16 -0500
> From: "Louise Taylor" <>
> Hello histonetters
> I want to ask a REALLY DUMB question: How does one accurately measure out
> Tween 20 ( pipette, measuring cylinder)? It is so  viscous that I always
> doubt that i have washed out/expelled the correct amount.
> Thanks
> louise taylor
> Research Laboratory
> Department of Anatomical Pathology
> South African Institute for Medical Research
> Johannesburg
> South Africa

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