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From:"Brothers, Rachel" <>
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     Hello Histoland!
     I was wondering if any of the smaller labs out there use Surgipath's 
     (or any brand) microscope slide labels on a roll with a consumer-type 
     label printer ($100-$300). We're currently using 6-across pin-feed 
     labels on a cranky old dot-matrix printer, but we really like the idea 
     of printing one or two slides at a time. We really can't spend 
     $1000-$2000 on a label printing "system", so I'm hoping we can find a 
     more cost-effective alternative
     Many thanks in advance. 
     Rachel Stock
     PS- If anyone happens to have some spare HPV+ infected cervix tissue, 
     I'm still trying to find some to finish up my QIHC project...

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