Internal Elastic Lamina

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From:Taffy <>
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Hello AGAIN Histonetters,
I have a big problem..PLEASE help, if you can..
I have an investigator that is looking for a stain for the internal Elastic
Lamina (IEL) in THICK (70um) plastic sections (yep, this is still the
artery)..they are wanting something that will stain this so they can do
histomorphometry..ANY ideas?????????
Thanks again for your help!!! 

Taffy Hooser
Mary (Taffy) Hooser, HT(ASCP)
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Indiana University School of Medicine
MS-5035, 635 Barnhill Drive
Indianapolis, IN. 46202-5120
Tel: (317)274-2308.
Fax: (317)278-2040.

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