IHC for cytokeratin on cytospins

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From:Kenneth Chapman <kchapman@mail.med.upenn.edu>
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Hi Everyone!

I am entering the world of the unknown as far as this goes.  I will be
trying to stain for cytokeratin in a tumor cell line.  I have the
antibody, the slides and the time.  I just need a protocol.  These are
what I need some hints on:

1.  Fixation time and fixative.
2.  Antibody concentrations.
3.  How should the slides be stored after they are put onto the slides?
4.  Anything else that anyone can think of.

Those who wish to accept this mission shall receive a great big Thank

This message will self destruct........................

...........but I won't tell you when.  Tick Tick Tick..........


Ken Chapman
University of Pennsylvania

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