IHC Automatic Stainers??

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From:"Barton E. Heath" <4heath@evansville.net>

Would be interested in comments both positive & negative from anyone 
who has experience with Ventanna, Dako, or Biogenex automatic 
stainers.  Quality consistent staining results, user friendly. easy 
maintenance. I have seen all of them but didn't get adequate time to 
evaluate them and get alot of hands on experience since I was swamped 
with work while they were there. Looks pretty good when the salesman 
set everything up. Right now we do ER/PR, Hercep,Keratin,LCA,S-
100,PSA, and a few others. Pathlogists want to add several more of 
course??? Please send anything to me. I'm the only registered 
histotech is this 500? bed hospital doing 15000 surgicals plus a year 
and need some advice from sane people. Thanks ahead of time.

Mary Kay Heath
work #812 485-4012

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